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Sharing a woman's journey with BHRT

One of the best parts of getting to work with our patients is learning their story, and journey, regarding aging. Hearing about how they discovered Balance Found, or what led them to try Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is so interesting we thought we’d share a recent conversation at our practice.

Samantha started showing symptoms last year, with terrible bouts of joint pain. First it was her shoulder, she would wake with terrible pain in the morning. Then her hip, then her knee. It seems to sort of move around…and overall, make things difficult in her day-to-day life. Normal tasks like carrying grocery bags, lifting her dog in and out of her car, walking on a treadmill, all hurt.

“The 20 pounds of weight I’ve put on during this lockdown made it worse. The pain is making it hard to stay active. And that’s not all...I have no energy. Sometimes I can have 3 cans of energy drinks or coffee and I’m still absolutely exhausted! I saw my family doctor, then my chiropractor, also adding in a nutritionist. Nothing seemed to help, although I loved all their ideas. It never dawned on me that all this joint pain was coming from menopause and lack of estrogen!” Many women think that weight gain and other symptoms like bloating, hot flashes and joint pain during menopause are normal and can’t be stopped. But here’s the truth, there are several things that happen during menopause that can be fixed. 1) A drop in estrogen levels. Estrogen helps to regulate metabolism, weight and reduce inflammation. 2) Inflammation. A drop in estrogen can also cause higher inflammation levels. 3) A drop in Testosterone levels – yes, women have testosterone too. Not only a lack of energy and joint pain come from this, but brain fog, irritability, low libido and depression are all symptoms of low testosterone due to menopause as well.

We are so glad that Samantha decided to Google her symptoms and discover Balance Found! She is on her 3rd pellet treatment and feels as good as she did in her 30’s! Just read our Google reviews to see how many more patients are beyond happy they discovered BHRT at Balance Found. We look forward to seeing you next!

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